ProPatterns launched in 2010 with an online version of searchable fishing journals along with a membership blog.   Several Elite series pros spent days collaborating with staff on the most effective ways to get their information distributed to the greatest number of people.   Journals was the first phase of their contributions.

The Exposed project started shortly thereafter the old fashion way, over dinner with Tim Horton and ProPatterns President, Chad Ekroth.   Tim's ideas coupled with ProPattern's educational services and online presence were the foundation for this project.   With relentless planning it's evolved into the video series being offered today.

No where has there ever been a fishing video series of this magnitude with so many professionals working together to deliver the best education possible.   This is fishing reality on steriods as the anglers let us into their boats during their practice days and in cases like B.A.S.S, FLW, and others, a finite number of days called official practice which are the only days they can be on the water before the event.   These videos are unscripted and unrehearsed, and you will see no double takes or staged highlights.   The anglers are their own hosts with insights provided by Tim and others, you will see a different side of the anglers versus almost every other show you've seen them in before.

The delivery methods of online on demand are also new to the angling world, ProPatterns has pioneered this format and made it possible in part due to the evolution of technology and ability for delivery to almost every end of the earth.   Watching these videos at your leisure in almost any setting is a luxury ProPatterns is proud to be a part of.

ProPatterns continues to adapt and offer innovative perspectives on sharing and education with the pros who graciously give their time to you their fans.   Please check out Exposed, Journals, and the all new Reeled In project.    Are you aspiring to be a pro, build your profile page up to share with your potential sponsors, a free service provided by ProPatterns